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Our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani participated in the presentation made by Vodafone Italia’s CEO, Engineer Aldo Bisio, which was held on October 23rd at the Circolo Canottieri Aniene.
Engineer Bisio shared his experience on 5G and the Social Innovation behind the development of Smart Cities with the participants.
The direct experience with Vodafone’s CEO helps us to understand how to anticipate and manage the radical changes that lie ahead.
Given the end of competitive bidding for the 5G frequencies, this was also an opportunity to talk about new business models and advanced services that will revolutionize our lives and the cities of the future, including the Internet of Things.

RoTechnology in the ICT Security Forum “Knowing and Preventing New Computer Threats”

On October 24th, the Director of the RoTechnology Race Office, Gianluca Rossi, participated in the 19th edition of the @ICTSecurityMag Forum which took place at the Auditorium of Technology, the Confindustria congress center in the EUR district of Rome.
Also this year the fundamental theme of this event is knowledge and prevention against New Information Threats.
During the event, the leading experts in the field have outlined risk scenarios through their experiences have illustrated what could be the best solutions to combat, but above all prevent, cyber crimes for the well-being of the population, national security and the proper functioning of the system and its economic growth.
The companies, SMEs and A.P present, have received indications from the experts on where to concentrate their area of intervention to continue this process of prevention and contrast.

RoTechnology at the conference “The Italian research and innovation community meets Europe. Dialogue on Horizon Europe “

RoTechnology participated in the conference “The Italian research and innovation community meets Europe. Dialogue on Horizon Europe.” The conference was held in Rome, MAXXI, on 7 November.
Gianluca Rossi, was present in representation of RoTechnology at the public event organized by the MIUR and the APRE on the future EU Framework Program “Horizon Europe”.
The objective of this event was to give voice to the expectations of the protagonists of Italian R&I with regard to Horizon Europe, arouse consensus around national priorities and bring them to the attention of the European Commission.
The opening of the day was entrusted to the Deputy Minister of MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research, Lorenzo Fioramonti, who also presented the conclusions.
In the event the various institutional players and all the other stakeholders told their point of view.
All this with a direct comparison with the new Director General “Research and Innovation” of the European Commission, Jean-Eric Paquet and the Vice-President of the ITRE Commission of the European Parliament, Patrizia Toia.

RoTechnology on the Day of Research in Memory of Umberto Veronesi, II Edition

Our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani, participated in the # Lombardiaè Research Day on 8 November at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where the ‘Lombardia è ricerca’ award ceremony was held, which awards 1 million euros to the best discovery science in the field of Life Sciences, this year dedicated to precision medicine.
On this occasion, the vice president of the Lombardy Region, Fabrizio Sala, held the honor of officially appointing Gerry Scotti as the Lombardy Region’s ambassador for Research.
70% of the 1 million prize was destined to develop activities in Lombardy.
The Vice President of the Lombardy Region and Councilor for Research, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalization of Enterprises Fabrizio Sala, together with President Attilio Fontana, presented the Prize to Professors Michele De Luca, Graziella Pellegrini and the German surgeon Tobias Hirsch.
A jury of 15 scientists of international caliber unanimously decreed the three winners. The German-Italian team convinced the jury, chaired by Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, for ex-vivo gene therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa or ‘Butterfly Children Syndrome’, of which they are pioneers in the world.
Rotechnology is happy and committed to making its small but important contribution to the growth of research in Italy.

RoTechnology to Open Source Day 2018: New Ideas to Explore

In RoTechnology we want to be always updated on new open source technologies, which with all the various variations can be used in our area where we operate. All to offer our customers innovative cutting-edge solutions.

With this in mind, part of our Research and Development team took part in the Open Source Day organized by RedHat, held on November 14th in Rome. This is an event that every year invites curiosity and collaboration, values ​​with which we feel very identified, and proposes culture to unite the sense of participation in technologies allowing us to realize projects.
The opening of the day was entrusted to the Regional Director of Italy, Turkey, Israel and Greece of Red Hat, Gianni Anguilletti who made an introduction to the news of the sector.

Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the result of the time allotted to imagination, collaboration, and the search for an answer to our curiosities and our whys. At the event there were sessions dedicated to technological innovations where experts from various sectors exhibited on digital transformation, digital integration, IoT, Cloud Native Application and Devices, business tools, among others.

Open Source Day offered the opportunity for all participants to ask questions, meet people motivated by a great spirit of initiative, and exchange ideas to give new life to what already exists or find out what can still be invented.

Presentation and first demo of the new internal BCS project

Last Friday, November 16th, the presentation of BCS – Badge Control System, the new internal software of RoTechnology was held to respond, through the use of innovative architectural solutions, to the internal need of employees and administration to have an interface available for elaborate and monitor the data of their own stampings, interrogating the reading device of the badge used daily in the company.

Born as an internship and on the job training project, the system was developed paying particular attention to the software life cycle, to allow developers and trainees to familiarize themselves with the various phases of analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of an application.
The team supervised by Diego Grimani, is coordinated by Nadia Caterina Zullo Lasala who also takes care of the back end, by Vladut Macovei who is in charge of the front-end part and Lorenzo Bortoloni, responsible for the system engineering and database configuration .

During the presentation, which took place in RoTechnology in Rome, a demo of the web-app and the currently available features was shown. This highlighted the great potential of the software and captured the interest of those present who promptly suggested additional features that could allow the system to evolve and become a very useful tool for all company badge holders and for all those who must manage the data.

With the enthusiasm renewed by the success of November, the developments continue and soon we will see the further applications of such a promising project.

ECS Brokerage Event: a networking event to find new partners with whom to exchange ideas and carry out new projects

RoTechnology, always committed to finding innovative and challenging research projects, participated in the ECS Brokerage Event 2019, held on 15 and 16 January in Brussels.

The ECS Brokerage Event has put together mediation activities for the industrial associations of AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS in a networking context with the aim of presenting project proposals in the field of Electronic Components and Systems.

This event allowed the strengthening of the ECS community by combining project and expert proposals and facilitating work in the exchange of information and research for the creation of new project proposals.

The event was linked with the ECS Collaboration Tools; the online tools that enables users to start projects and invite partners, or use the communication system to search for partners or projects.

After forming consortia, online and at the ECS Brokerage Event, the project teams were able to plan the best mechanism to finance their project with National funds, ECSEL-JU, European Commission or EUREKA.

RoTechnology present in the SMI2G Meeting 2019 in Brussels

As in previous years, the Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) is running a two-day event, 29 and 30 January 2019, in Brussels to discuss the topic Secure Societies for Horizon 2020.

Gianluca Rossi, head of our Race Office, is participating in the brokerage event where all security topics are represented and which also offers a networking platform to encourage innovative ideas and simplify the creation of consortia.

The SMI2G focuses on the characteristics of Horizon 2020 (H2020) with the prospect of exchanging information on Secure Societies calls to incentivize interconnection and consortium construction.

The main objective is to give delegates the opportunity to create ideas and partners for every open research call of the EU Security Research Program.

In this year, the meeting convened over 400 delegates, representing SMEs, Research Professionals and Technological Organizations, Academy and Industry from all EU MSs and associated countries. The event focuses on the H2020 Work Program for Secure Societies “Protecting the freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.”

Ro Technology in Vienna for the AFarCloud Plenary Meeting

The plenary meeting for the ECSEL project, funded by the European Union, AFarCloud (Aggregate Farming in the Cloud) took place from 6 to 8 March 2019 in Vienna; Ro Technology, in the person of Diego Grimani, was present as a technological partner.

Organized six months after the kick-off of last September 2018 in Madrid, the Vienna event was the second occasion, for all partners, to put in place ideas about the project, strengthen collaborations, share and verify progress through a series of meetings and conferences held at the TU Wien, the Technical University of Vienna.

The AFarCloud project is part of a series of research projects that aim to develop effective and sustainable solutions for agriculture and breeding. The aim is to cope with the growing difficulties of the sector and the need to contain the criticalities that have arisen in recent years – and which are expected to increase for the years to come – both from the environmental point of view and from the point of view of human work.

The Vienna meeting, organized to check the progress and plan the solutions that will be brought to the 12th month meeting, focused on the progress and developments made in the context of the project’s demonstrators: three holistic (Finland, Spain and Italy ), aimed at testing complex management scenarios in the field of agriculture and livestock, and two premises (Latvia and the Czech Republic), which will instead test specific functionalities.

With the aim, therefore, of bringing the Italian demonstrator to an adequate state of maturity, the opportunity was profitable, for the Italian partners, to confront and strengthen their own synergy, fielding ideas capable of bringing added value to the project. This atmosphere of creativity and collaboration has subsequently led to the inspection of the Podere Campaz of Forlì by Ro Technology, CNR and the University of Parma, in view of the third installation of the DAMON sensor, the new system of the Research & Development area that registers parameters meteorological (temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness), and environmental parameters (soil moisture, earth characteristics and pH), aimed at assisting in monitoring the most common pest infestations and, within AFarCloud, to acquire real data from make available for the development of the Italian demonstrator.

In addition to DAMON, the sensors of the SEAMLESS project will also become part of the contribution that Ro Technology is offering for the realization of the demonstrator, while an inspection is already underway at the Busti dairy (Pisa), in view of a new installation.
With AFarCloud, the Research & Development Area proves once again to be up to the challenges posed by technological research, adding value to its contribution also thanks to the know-how acquired through its innovative internal projects.

DEMETER approved, a new H2020 project by Ro Technology!

An Innovation Action by H2020-DT-2018-2020 / Topic DT-ICT-08-2019
The project involves the enhancement of farmers and agricultural cooperatives to:
– Make the most of existing operating platforms and existing sensor equipment to extract new features and properties from which to improve strategic decisions.
– Simplify the acquisition, evolution and updating in specific areas by focusing the investments where needed, based on the objectives measured by the key indicators (KPIs) selected by them.
Ro Technology will be involved in all project activities, in particular in Security, communication protocols, sensor networks, Business Intelligence / Datawarehouse and Data analytics (AI).