RoTechnology in the ICT Security Forum “Knowing and Preventing New Computer Threats”

On October 24th, the Director of the RoTechnology Race Office, Gianluca Rossi, participated in the 19th edition of the @ICTSecurityMag Forum which took place at the Auditorium of Technology, the Confindustria congress center in the EUR district of Rome.
Also this year the fundamental theme of this event is knowledge and prevention against New Information Threats.
During the event, the leading experts in the field have outlined risk scenarios through their experiences have illustrated what could be the best solutions to combat, but above all prevent, cyber crimes for the well-being of the population, national security and the proper functioning of the system and its economic growth.
The companies, SMEs and A.P present, have received indications from the experts on where to concentrate their area of intervention to continue this process of prevention and contrast.