RoTechnology to Open Source Day 2018: New Ideas to Explore

In RoTechnology we want to be always updated on new open source technologies, which with all the various variations can be used in our area where we operate. All to offer our customers innovative cutting-edge solutions.

With this in mind, part of our Research and Development team took part in the Open Source Day organized by RedHat, held on November 14th in Rome. This is an event that every year invites curiosity and collaboration, values ​​with which we feel very identified, and proposes culture to unite the sense of participation in technologies allowing us to realize projects.
The opening of the day was entrusted to the Regional Director of Italy, Turkey, Israel and Greece of Red Hat, Gianni Anguilletti who made an introduction to the news of the sector.

Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the result of the time allotted to imagination, collaboration, and the search for an answer to our curiosities and our whys. At the event there were sessions dedicated to technological innovations where experts from various sectors exhibited on digital transformation, digital integration, IoT, Cloud Native Application and Devices, business tools, among others.

Open Source Day offered the opportunity for all participants to ask questions, meet people motivated by a great spirit of initiative, and exchange ideas to give new life to what already exists or find out what can still be invented.