Presentation and first demo of the new internal BCS project

Last Friday, November 16th, the presentation of BCS – Badge Control System, the new internal software of RoTechnology was held to respond, through the use of innovative architectural solutions, to the internal need of employees and administration to have an interface available for elaborate and monitor the data of their own stampings, interrogating the reading device of the badge used daily in the company.

Born as an internship and on the job training project, the system was developed paying particular attention to the software life cycle, to allow developers and trainees to familiarize themselves with the various phases of analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of an application.
The team supervised by Diego Grimani, is coordinated by Nadia Caterina Zullo Lasala who also takes care of the back end, by Vladut Macovei who is in charge of the front-end part and Lorenzo Bortoloni, responsible for the system engineering and database configuration .

During the presentation, which took place in RoTechnology in Rome, a demo of the web-app and the currently available features was shown. This highlighted the great potential of the software and captured the interest of those present who promptly suggested additional features that could allow the system to evolve and become a very useful tool for all company badge holders and for all those who must manage the data.

With the enthusiasm renewed by the success of November, the developments continue and soon we will see the further applications of such a promising project.