Italy will host the annual MegaM@Rt2 plenary meeting, with the logistics organization of RoTechnology

From 24 to 26 October 2017, Italy will host the annual MegaM @ Rt2 plenary meeting to be held in Rome at the Best Western Plus Universo Hotel.

MegaM @ Rt2 is a project funded by the Electronic Component Systems for the European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL-JU) under the grant agreement n. 737494. This community project receives the support of the research and innovation program of the European Union Horizon 2020 and the 7 participating countries.
MegaM @ Rt2 studies the continuous development and runtime validation of scalable models of complex systems. This will improve the productivity, quality and predictability of large and complex industrial systems and strengthen European scientific and technological leadership in the design of complex systems.
More than 50 representatives of the 27 companies and university partners of the project will be present at the event, from the 7 countries involved: Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic.
The logistics of the event is organized by one of the Italian partners: RoTechnology srl, an innovative technological SME with offices in Rome, Milan and Reggio Calabria.

The new DAMON prototype is born

The Research and Development area of ​​RoTechnology achieved great success, last December 30th 2018, with the field installation of the prototype of the new DAMON (DAta MOnitoring sensors Network).
The goal is to create a network of interconnected sensors capable of collecting, saving and managing large amounts of data; Lorenzo Bortoloni was responsible for the programming, implementation and integration of the various components. Thus a system was born that records meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness), and environmental parameters (soil moisture, characteristics of the earth and pH), based on a board with an ARM architecture, equipped with RTC for a optimized and efficient battery management; a further plus point is the possibility of powering the sensor thanks to the presence of a solar panel, thus making it autonomous, economical and ecological. The software expands the potential of PiJuice, the British project that saw the light thanks to the funding received on the Kickstarter platform in early 2015

The RoTechnology prototype, installed in an olive grove, aims to collect data for monitoring the most common pest infestations. However, this is not the only application for such a versatile and innovative project: reachable remotely using high-speed 3G and 4G networks, and operating in all weather conditions, the software has the ability to collect environmental parameters of any kind and manage them in a customized way. Other planned applications include monitoring air quality in warehouses, motion detection, recognition, identification and detection of objects through specific open-source software.
The data collected is saved in the cloud, but the customization options also include the possibility for the user to set the storage mode independently; all the data collected, recorded in a database, can also be viewed in the form of a graph.

In the wake of the success achieved with the installation in the field, the RoTechnology team will soon implement new and exciting features for DAMON; the versatility of this promising project is just one of the many qualities that we will soon be able to admire.

RoTechnology in the table “On board sensors and connected vehicles” in Brescia

On June 4, RoTechnology participated in the workgroup of the Lombard Cluster for Mobility (CLM), held at the CSMT – Multisectoral and Technological Services Center of Brescia, also open to the participation of other clusters and non-associated companies. A total of 22 companies participated, 2 universities, 1 research center and 3 Lombard clusters (Mobility, Aerospace, Smart Cities and Communites), in addition to the institutional presence of the Province of Brescia.

The meeting, entitled “On board sensors and connected vehicles”, touched on the themes of autonomous driving (from the analysis of the vehicle through the monitoring of the driver status, to the data and image processing), of intelligent mobility (long connectivity radius, infrastructures for data transmission) and archiving and analysis of Big Data with the “Data Lake” method.
The event was a fruitful moment of sharing projects and perspectives of individual institutions and highlighted the possibility of intersectoral collaborations between Aerospace and Automotive, which share some technological scenarios, including that of reducing emissions, electric power, and sensors and applications deriving from Earth observation.
Source: Lombardia Aerospace Cluster

SafeCOP, training in Stockholm

RoTechnology on 29 and 30 August attended the meeting for the SafeCOP project linked to the themes of technology transfer, dissemination and exploitation of project results.
The event was held at the Rosersbergs Slott Hotel near Stockholm, and in anticipation of the end of the three-year project, scheduled for March 2019, it was an excellent opportunity to refine the goals in view of releases and demonstrators in their version last.

RoTechnology in Madrid with AFarCloud!

In September, AFarCloud, the European project ECSEL / H2020 concerning automated and precision farming issues, has officially begun.
RoTechnology participated in the Kick-off meeting from 4 to 7 September at the Madrid Polytechnic, Project Coordinator.
We will participate in the development of positioning and mapping algorithms of UAVs, Safety Analysis, security on the WSN and Blockchain network applied to the agricultural supply chain.

CyberTech Europe 2018, RoTechnology present in the most innovative events

RoTechnology participated in the CyberTech Europe 2018 event, dedicated to the latest innovations in the cyber security sector.

CyberTech provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and solutions provided by the cyber international community.
The main objectives of the conference are the creation of new contacts, the strengthening of alliances and the creation of new connections.
Present at the event were the world security big names, including: Leonardo, RSA-Dell-EMC, Kaspersky, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, VmWare.

RoTechnology featured on Elis’s Career Day

RoTechnology participated on the 28th of September at the Career Day, a day to present the projects carried out by the participants in the HR Academy and New Comunication master, organized by Elis.
During the event innovative work projects were presented with the partner companies of the edition: Ferrovie dello Stato, Campari, Terna, Snam, Generali, Enel, Eni, Rai Ray, Italtel, Iren and Cattolica Assicurazione.

A new meeting for all Megam@rt2 partners

From 2 to 4 October, RoTechnology participated in the Megamart2 Plenary Meeting held in Versailles.
The MegaM @ Rt2 project is well defined, the intermediate objectives have been achieved and the integration between partners improves with each meeting.
As always happens in the Megamart plenary, a hackathon has been organized for the benefit of the Use Case Providers which has allowed to increase the technical skills of the demonstrators and create a collaborative atmosphere among all the partners.
The review team was able to evaluate the good quality of the results linked to the integration of the tools that will constitute the Mega-modeling framework.
RoTechnology is very satisfied with the work carried out also in line with the fundamental objectives of the Project and its future developments.

RoTechnology nel Forum Cyber security and Digital Economy, a Londra

Ro Technology participated in the Cyber ​​Security and Digital Economy Forum: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities from Cyberspace organized by the Italian Embassy in London and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) in collaboration with the Center for Cyber ​​Security and International Relations Studies of the University of Florence.
The event was held in the Italian Embassy in London on 11 October in the presence of Raffaele Trombetta, Italian ambassador in London. In the institutional session Roberto Baldoni, Director of the Italian NSC (Cyber ​​Security Nucleus) presented the Italian national point of view so that Jhon Nicholson, head of the international Cyber ​​Policy had the opportunity to present the British national point of view on threats and opportunities that represent Cyberspace both nationally and internationally.
Ro Technology, like other innovative Italian technology companies, has taken the opportunity to present its company profile. Gianluca Rossi, director of the Ro Technology Races area, supported by our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani presented our proposal for the cybersecurity market.

RoTechnology present at the Lazio Connect meeting

RoTechnology, participated in the Networking Lunch organized by @LazioConnect (a #collaborative # technical-legal platform in support of the #Innovation System of Lazio, between Companies, Industrial Consortiums, Technological Parks, Universities and Research Bodies, in the #aerospace sector) , held October 23 at the IPTSAT headquarters.
The meeting began with a brief presentation of all the companies, which like RoTechnology, are partners of Lazio Connect, with a reference above all to their core business and to the type of customers.
On this occasion, current topics were discussed on “Tools of extraordinary finance for SMEs by the Value research company”, “Possibility of collaborations in tenders and tenders both at national and EU / International level by the BIP company” and a Master on HR was also presented.