Ro Technology in Vienna for the AFarCloud Plenary Meeting

The plenary meeting for the ECSEL project, funded by the European Union, AFarCloud (Aggregate Farming in the Cloud) took place from 6 to 8 March 2019 in Vienna; Ro Technology, in the person of Diego Grimani, was present as a technological partner.

Organized six months after the kick-off of last September 2018 in Madrid, the Vienna event was the second occasion, for all partners, to put in place ideas about the project, strengthen collaborations, share and verify progress through a series of meetings and conferences held at the TU Wien, the Technical University of Vienna.

The AFarCloud project is part of a series of research projects that aim to develop effective and sustainable solutions for agriculture and breeding. The aim is to cope with the growing difficulties of the sector and the need to contain the criticalities that have arisen in recent years – and which are expected to increase for the years to come – both from the environmental point of view and from the point of view of human work.

The Vienna meeting, organized to check the progress and plan the solutions that will be brought to the 12th month meeting, focused on the progress and developments made in the context of the project’s demonstrators: three holistic (Finland, Spain and Italy ), aimed at testing complex management scenarios in the field of agriculture and livestock, and two premises (Latvia and the Czech Republic), which will instead test specific functionalities.

With the aim, therefore, of bringing the Italian demonstrator to an adequate state of maturity, the opportunity was profitable, for the Italian partners, to confront and strengthen their own synergy, fielding ideas capable of bringing added value to the project. This atmosphere of creativity and collaboration has subsequently led to the inspection of the Podere Campaz of Forlì by Ro Technology, CNR and the University of Parma, in view of the third installation of the DAMON sensor, the new system of the Research & Development area that registers parameters meteorological (temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness), and environmental parameters (soil moisture, earth characteristics and pH), aimed at assisting in monitoring the most common pest infestations and, within AFarCloud, to acquire real data from make available for the development of the Italian demonstrator.

In addition to DAMON, the sensors of the SEAMLESS project will also become part of the contribution that Ro Technology is offering for the realization of the demonstrator, while an inspection is already underway at the Busti dairy (Pisa), in view of a new installation.
With AFarCloud, the Research & Development Area proves once again to be up to the challenges posed by technological research, adding value to its contribution also thanks to the know-how acquired through its innovative internal projects.