About us

Ro Technology was founded in January 2011 by a group of professionals with long experience in ICT systems design and engineering. The success of our company is based on the consistency of our mission and vision with our values and their daily application. This is possible thanks to our talents, technical and managerial experience, enthusiasm and determination combined with the know-how that we develop through research projects. 

Ro Technology materialises experiences, ideas and project by using innovative solutions and complex technological systems to create simple and flexibles software products. We turn the projects ideas and dreams of each person or company into reality trough the development of customised technological solutions.

Our values have always been recognised and shared by our staff, daily implemented by our management, shaping the strategies defined by the ownership. 

Empowerment: we give to our staff the opportunity, the trust, support and the responsibility to express their best potential in technical and organizational innovation solutions. We believe in the teamwork in which experience and skills are shared, relationships are built and the sense of belonging is strengthened in order to work in a safety and satisfaction atmosphere.

Transparency: Each day we choose clarity, respect and frankness in building relationship with our customers and in managing our staff. In this way we create and maintain a fertile and safe work environment that is necessary for the development of the staff, the group and the company.

Responsibility: we demand commitment and passion from our employees in order to work in a positive and stimulating environment. We keep our commitment and we achieve our goals in each project both as a company and as results-oriented professionals.

Innovation: We were born as an innovative start up and we have always been oriented to the development of new technologies and new skills in a perspective of progressive and organized growth. At the base of our success there is a clear strategic direction that guide and encourage the energy and the staff evolution towards new market opportunities.

Enthusiasm: we are a dynamic company, constantly changing, that encourages everyone to question themselves to grow-up and to do their best, making use of their vitality within the group and in synergy with the others. We are an open, inclusive and safe space, where everyone can develop their creative energies.

Rodolfo Grimani


Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering: Company management in line with the company’s mission, vision and values. Author of several international publications.

Roberto Di Francesco


More than 20 years of experience in the world of IT, working in international companies and managing important clients in the main markets, dealing with services and systems on CRM, Billing, Network, Infrastructure and Security..

Sandro Cornacchia

Central-South Italy

Project and team manager. Management of national and international clients. 
Hardware and software system for telecommunications and security; Management and development of LI and TLC systems..

Organization of the areas

We offer a safe space to our staff and we provide a quality service to our customers.  The continuous improvement of the quality of the company’s administrative and functional processes leads us to be an always up-to-date organisation in synergy with the company’s growth and the market needs.

The Company’s staff is constantly growing, bringing together professionals with twenty years of experience and young talents eager to put their academic experiences into practice; all together we share the enthusiasm for research and technological innovation.

As company and as group of people engaged, we promote diversity of talents and equality of opportunity as core value, the 50% of our leader and the 30% of our large team is composed by women. 

We are a multicultural team with various nationalities that believes and invests in the power of integration and cultural diversity as source of creativity and innovation. 

Ro Technology organization chart

Over the years the company has grown in expertise and new resources, working in partnership with the best hi-tech companies and with the most important Italian and European research centres/Universities.