The new DAMON prototype is born

The Research and Development area of ​​RoTechnology achieved great success, last December 30th 2018, with the field installation of the prototype of the new DAMON (DAta MOnitoring sensors Network).
The goal is to create a network of interconnected sensors capable of collecting, saving and managing large amounts of data; Lorenzo Bortoloni was responsible for the programming, implementation and integration of the various components. Thus a system was born that records meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness), and environmental parameters (soil moisture, characteristics of the earth and pH), based on a board with an ARM architecture, equipped with RTC for a optimized and efficient battery management; a further plus point is the possibility of powering the sensor thanks to the presence of a solar panel, thus making it autonomous, economical and ecological. The software expands the potential of PiJuice, the British project that saw the light thanks to the funding received on the Kickstarter platform in early 2015

The RoTechnology prototype, installed in an olive grove, aims to collect data for monitoring the most common pest infestations. However, this is not the only application for such a versatile and innovative project: reachable remotely using high-speed 3G and 4G networks, and operating in all weather conditions, the software has the ability to collect environmental parameters of any kind and manage them in a customized way. Other planned applications include monitoring air quality in warehouses, motion detection, recognition, identification and detection of objects through specific open-source software.
The data collected is saved in the cloud, but the customization options also include the possibility for the user to set the storage mode independently; all the data collected, recorded in a database, can also be viewed in the form of a graph.

In the wake of the success achieved with the installation in the field, the RoTechnology team will soon implement new and exciting features for DAMON; the versatility of this promising project is just one of the many qualities that we will soon be able to admire.