RoTechnology nel Forum Cyber security and Digital Economy, a Londra

Ro Technology participated in the Cyber ​​Security and Digital Economy Forum: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities from Cyberspace organized by the Italian Embassy in London and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) in collaboration with the Center for Cyber ​​Security and International Relations Studies of the University of Florence.
The event was held in the Italian Embassy in London on 11 October in the presence of Raffaele Trombetta, Italian ambassador in London. In the institutional session Roberto Baldoni, Director of the Italian NSC (Cyber ​​Security Nucleus) presented the Italian national point of view so that Jhon Nicholson, head of the international Cyber ​​Policy had the opportunity to present the British national point of view on threats and opportunities that represent Cyberspace both nationally and internationally.
Ro Technology, like other innovative Italian technology companies, has taken the opportunity to present its company profile. Gianluca Rossi, director of the Ro Technology Races area, supported by our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani presented our proposal for the cybersecurity market.