RoTechnology in the table “On board sensors and connected vehicles” in Brescia

On June 4, RoTechnology participated in the workgroup of the Lombard Cluster for Mobility (CLM), held at the CSMT – Multisectoral and Technological Services Center of Brescia, also open to the participation of other clusters and non-associated companies. A total of 22 companies participated, 2 universities, 1 research center and 3 Lombard clusters (Mobility, Aerospace, Smart Cities and Communites), in addition to the institutional presence of the Province of Brescia.

The meeting, entitled “On board sensors and connected vehicles”, touched on the themes of autonomous driving (from the analysis of the vehicle through the monitoring of the driver status, to the data and image processing), of intelligent mobility (long connectivity radius, infrastructures for data transmission) and archiving and analysis of Big Data with the “Data Lake” method.
The event was a fruitful moment of sharing projects and perspectives of individual institutions and highlighted the possibility of intersectoral collaborations between Aerospace and Automotive, which share some technological scenarios, including that of reducing emissions, electric power, and sensors and applications deriving from Earth observation.
Source: Lombardia Aerospace Cluster