DAMON evolves: new installations and the birth of the WebApp

The fields of application and the potential of DAMON (DAta Monitoring sensors Network), the brand new project of the Research & Development area of ​​Ro Technology, are very numerous, as shown by the latest news regarding the new installations of the sensor prototype for monitoring the agricultural crops.
As reported at the beginning of the year, the first DAMON was mounted on December 30, 2018 and, since then, the developments have not stopped: after the success at the olive grove, a new sensor was installed, last March 14 , in the area of ​​Ronciglione, an important area, from the agricultural point of view, for the cultivation of the classic Roman hazelnut.
The new DAMON, in fact, has been planted in a hazelnut grove that supplies two large multinationals, projecting the growth of RoTechnology towards new market opportunities.
The news on DAMON does not end there: inspections are underway at Podere Campaz in Forlì for a third installation that will take place by summer. The latter sensor will have the task of acquiring real data to be made available in the development of the Italian demonstrator for the AFarCloud smart-farming research project, of which Ro Technology is one of the partners.
Despite the different installation zones, and the variety of data collected, each individual DAMON works towards the common goal of creating an interconnected sensor network capable of handling large amounts of data. In this regard, in fact, DAMON Web will soon be available, the dedicated application that will provide a convenient web interface to all users who own at least one DAMON sensor installed in their field. DAMON Web will allow the quick visualization of all the devices associated to the user’s profile, geolocated and displayed in dashboards on a map, in the form of PoI (Points of Interest). Furthermore, associated with each individual PoI it will be possible to consult the values ​​of the data sent by the sensor, obtain a representation of it in the form of a graph, and view the photos taken on the spot.
With DAMON, once again, the Research and Development area of ​​Ro Technology proves to be a prolific laboratory of ideas in which the creativity of the individual, supported by the team’s abilities, can give life to projects with immense potential for growth and application.