The Research & Development Area is a dynamic laboratory of ideas that guides and encourages new talents, pushing them to question themselves in order to grow and give their best and, in synergy with the team, develop their creative energies for product design innovative and flexible.

The innovative nature, the experience, the technical skills and the high quality of the results allow RoTechnology to participate in national and international research projects in collaboration with Universities, research centers and prestigious industrial partners.

Our ongoing projects

Our completed projects

Development of a Virtual Sensor Networking simulation platform.

Coordinator: Hellenic Aerospace Industry Sa

A fast system ready to response to special events such as an accident or natural disasters.

Coordinator: Tecknicon

Methods, Processes and tools for mobility and transport systems.

Coordinator: AVL List GmbH

Model based analysis and Validation for embedded systems.

Coordinator: DAIMLER (DE)

Instrumentation ADS-b and IFF on board designed to provide effective flight information relating to other aircraft.

Coordinator: Selex ES

WSN security platform with multi-hop topologies for sensor data acquisition and GIS map display.

Coordinator: RoTechnology