RoTechnology was founded in January 2011, by a group of professionals with long experience in designing and designing ICT systems.

Our success is possible thanks to our talents, technical and managerial experience, enthusiasm and determination combined with the know-how we develop with research projects.

RoTechnology materializes experiences, ideas and projects using innovative solutions and complex technological systems to create simple and flexible software products.

RoTechnology transforms the projects, ideas and dreams of every person or company into reality, through the development of innovative tailor-made technological solutions.

Company values

Our values ​​have always been recognized and shared by the staff, are applied daily by the management and form the basis of the corporate strategies defined by the property.

we give our people the opportunity, trust, support and responsibility to express their best potential in technical and organizational innovation. We believe in the work of the group, within which we share experiences and skills, build relationships and strengthen the sense of belonging to work in a climate of security and satisfaction.

we ask our people commitment and passion to work in a positive and stimulating environment. We keep our commitments and achieve our goals in each project both as a company and as result-oriented professionals.

we are a dynamic, ever-changing Company that encourages everyone to question themselves in order to grow and to give the best of themselves, making the most of their vitality within the group, in synergy with others. We are an open, inclusive and safe space in which everyone can develop their creative energies.


every day we choose clarity, respect and frankness in building relationships with our customers and managing our people. In this way we create and maintain a fertile and safe working environment necessary for the development of people, the group and the company.

we are born as an innovative start-up and have always been oriented towards the development of new technologies and new capacities within a progressive and organized growth project. At the base of our success there is a clear strategic direction, which interprets, guides and drives the energy and the evolution of the group towards new market opportunities.

Over the years the company has grown in skills and new resources. It works in partnership with the best technological companies and with the most important Italian and European research centers.

Our turnover is constantly growing

Since its founding in 2011, RoTechnology has had significant growth in turnover, in the number of employees and in the development of various activities.