We are committed to making employees feel more and more part of the company: problem solving is encouraged in a constructive way, team building opportunities are created to develop trust, empower people and make the business environment pleasant and engaging.

Furthermore, we take the utmost account of the professional growth of our staff, which we provide by offering stimulating career paths, training opportunities and flexibility between business units or projects, some of which also provide mobility within Europe


We encourage the training of our employees to acquire new skills and knowledge both from the point of view of technical skills and from the point of view of soft skills, with the aim of enhancing and further enhancing the company’s competencies and competitive advantage .

This is made possible by the opportunity to work in groups, in which the most experienced personnel follow the less experienced personnel, making their experience available and allowing everyone to engage in tasks of increasing commitment.

Along with on-the-job training, employees participate in classroom training courses, some of which require certification which contributes to further recognition and visibility both inside and outside the company.

Laura Valieri

Human Resources